On The Human Condition

I believe that every human has the right to a dignified life, whatever that means to them. I find many social and aid programs to be extremely paternalistic and hold built-in assumptions about the receiver of aid/programs and that they fail for these assumptions.

So what does that mean, “dignified"? I think that really depends on each person and I intentionally leave this to be vague as possible. I don’t believe in defining what is the right/best way to live. Or that what works for me should work for you, and same with systems. I also don’t think every child should aspire to attend Harvard. But if that is what they want, they should have the opportunity to try. I don’t envision a world where everyone is Elon Musk, but I want to help create a world where everyone can not just survive, but really thrive based on their own terms. I believe in giving agency to people.

I believe there are fundamental needs that everyone has inalienable rights to: housing, food, water, and safety. And I do think as a society we have an obligation to provide and protect these rights for everyone. I believe that these rights and affordances are the basis in creating a more equitable world and are the basis for allowing people to live dignified lives.

This post is a collection of thoughts/beliefs I’ve had based on my own experiences and what I’ve learned. So with that, I reserve the right to update my mental models and I’ll try to update this post as I come to different conclusions 🙂