Big Habits

Disclaimer: This post was written in less than 30 mins. I’m writing this for the sake of exploring an idea and am not convinced this is a good idea. Take this as a stream of consciousness

I’ve been experimenting with doing the extreme version of a habit to make it stickier. I have this idea that instead of doing the easiest version (do 1 pushup a day), doing the harder extreme version (100 pushups a day) makes an idea/habit stickier. The idea behind doing a easy version of a habit you want to adopt is that it makes it lower friction and simple, and eventually you will be able to work more of it into your daily life. This makes sense to me - but I think that the way to make a habit seem achievable and lower friction is actually doing the opposite. By pushing ourselves to the other end of the spectrum, you learn how doable it is and you realize you’re more than capable of actually implementing a more reasonable version of your habit. (I may also enjoy starting off habits like this because I think over indexing is powerful and I generally enjoy exploring my limits 🙂)